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DHYA001 Digital Meter counter

 Power supply: DC 24V. Power consumption: 2.5W
 Output current: 0.2A can be connected with a equipment of DC 24V voltage or any other equipment with the same voltage.
 Input:
Length Counting Sensor: 24V DC working voltage, 3 lines.

Product features

  1. Counting length and weight (if for counting weight, it will be pre-order in advance)
  2. Any Circumference setting is available, widely usage of the counting function
  3. Length range: 1m~99999m
  4. It can count the rotate speed and yarn speed at true time
  5. When actual rotate speed or length is same as the setting value, the counter have the stop signal to the equipment to stop the machine
  6. Manual operating is available
  7. The counter has 1~5 holes for yarn sensors , when yarn breaks, the meter counter gives signal to Relay to stop the machine

Detailed description

Board Button

Totally 5 buttons on the board:

“Clear” —Clear the running length, and restart from “0”

“Move”— Change the parameter position under setting status

“ADD 1” — Change the value of flash digits under setting status

“Run/off” — Control the relative machine run or off

“F1” — Monitor the line speed

“F2” — Set yarn detecting

“Set” — Set the length

Change the Parameter

Under setting status, pressing “MOVE”, “ADD 1”button can change the parameter accordingly.


Equipment Run and Off

Press “RUN/STOP” button can change the status of the equipment.

If the current length is same as the setting length, the setting length value is flashing. The equipment will stop. Clear all the value to turn on the equipment.


Clearing the Current Length

  1. When equipment is off and the meter counter is under monitoring, press “CLEAR” button, the current length is to be 0
  2. When the current length is same as or less than the setting length, press “CLEAR”button 3 seconds can clear the value.


Wire Connection

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